Seasonal Thoughts


Gathering, collecting, drying.

Autumn is a busy time of year as we draw towards the cold, long nights of winter.

Cool brisk mornings give way to warm sunshine and cooler nights that prepare us for the long, dark winter. Traditionally a time of gathering the harvest, today we can still use this as time of preparation for the winter. Gathering supporting and nutrient filled herbs that will help sustain us through those winter months and help keep the lurgies at bay.

Herbs best suited for the autumn months are nourishing and supporting herbs like nettles, lemon grass and peppermint and immune boosting herbs such as elderberries, echinacea, chamomile and rosehips. These herbs are all suited to taking as a tea and work well in combination with each other, these include my cold and flu tea and my nourish tea. See my website or market stall to purchase.



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