Seasonal Thoughts


It is a long slow wake up to Spring here in Southern Tasmania, even now we are having cool cloudy days, with hints of sunshine. It makes me appreciate those fleeting moments when you lift your face up to the sky and feel the warmth of the sun caressing you.

As we begin to slough off and shed our Winter skin and clothes and look forward to Summer, we ask ourselves, how do we prepare? I know many people have already begun their “Spring detox” but detoxing without nourishing feels empty to me. Our bodies detox every day of our lives – some better than others, and yes, it is extremely important but it shouldn’t be all about cleansing. We should nourish and cleanse.

Our lives today place so many demands on us and we need to take care and honour ourselves. Offering support to our body as it goes about its daily detoxification processes offers us a chance to slow down, and mindfully become aware of our amazing bodies each day.

Before the heat of Summer we can still enjoy warming drinks and I have been busy in my herb room mixing up a number of different delicious teas. Herbs that offer support and nourishment to our bodies include burdock, dandelion, ginger, tulsi, turmeric, nettles, oats, liquorice and astralagus. Combining a strong infusion with an individually prescribed nourishing and cleansing tincture is a positive way of preparing ourselves for summer.

Nourishing ourselves so that we can step out strong in the sunlight.

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